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Into the Sea – a short film about coastal conservation

A short film by Mikey DeTemple in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation about water quality and coastal conservation. This film goes back to a lot of the core concepts that plague the ocean, namely people unaware of the downstream effects of the choices we all make day to day. Most people don’t chose to consciously impact water quality in a negative manner, it’s just that most of us are truly unaware of the impact that our daily have on all things downstream of us (figuratively and literally). This film shines a small light on a portion of the coast affected by the decisions of those who live within it.

This issue has been extremely relevant as well for Florida this past summer due to record levels of algae blooms in Lake Okeechobee and the Army Corps of Engineers water releases that allowed that nitrogen rich water to flood into local water systems. This is one of those issues that more awareness will inevitably create a greater understanding and awareness of the issue. There are lots of small, easy steps we can all do in our own backyards that will have a big impact on local water quality issues. It’s really cool to see the shift in momentum that seems to slowly be taking place in that there is becoming a heightened awareness of the daily choices we make and their larger impacts. Whether it’s the food we eat, the boards we ride, the wetsuits we wear, or the yards that we keep… we make many small decisions that have larger impacts. As we become more aware of those daily decisions and the impacts they do have it becomes much easier as a collective to make meaningful change.

Here’s an interview we did with Mikey back in 2009 when Picaresque first came out, good to see how his work has grown and evolved over the years –
Mikey DeTemple and Picaresque

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