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Edit: This was posted over a month ago and this shit is STILL going on! The Gulf is fucked.

We as a culture have managed to put our own personal interests and desires in front of our own best interests as a species. In 2 generations we’ve managed to make our home a much more difficult, caustic place to live.

The current madness going on in the Gulf of Mexico a haunting reminder of our own fallibility.

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  1. And a little closer to home…

    Pretty sure if companies kept tabs on how much crude escapes every well and drilling station under their control on a daily basis, this Gulf Coast disaster would not seem like much of a disaster.

    My first exposure was somewhere in the early 90’s near Point Conception: rambling along a road with one way corners and mirrors to an undeveloped area of Central Cal, only to find blobs of crude scattered up and down the beach. Foul.

    The idyllic points of Northern Peru also seem to have a high concentration of crude passing through the lineups and gathering on the shores.