– stripping surfing back down to its most elemental form


Check out this cool little gadget which could help you bike it to those breaks that are a little further away that you otherwise might have to drive to:

StokeMonkey - Electric Motor Assist“Stokemonkey is an electric motor assist kit for Xtracycle® Sport Utility Bicycles. Xtracycle gives almost any bike amazing cargo capacity, and Stokemonkey gives you the power to haul it over mountains or swiftly across town.

Most electric bike products are designed for people who don’Â’t, won’Â’t, or can’Â’t ride regular bicycles. Stokemonkey is different. We don’Â’t believe in replacing human power with electricity; we believe in replacing cars for tasks that even the strongest bicyclists seldom, if ever, undertake on human power alone. Developed in a car-free household, Stokemonkey is for fellow riders who want to become more completely independent of cars in their daily lives.”

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