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DIY Bike Trailer

Many of us cannot ride a bike to go surfing. But for those of us who can we need adequate forms of transporting our equipment. Not to worry, the bike trailer design you’ve been looking for is here.

Community Bike Cart Design is a site devoted to providing Do-It-Yourself plans for building a low cost bicycle utility trailer using simple building techniques. Although the trailers featured here are simple designs, a little of your own ingenuity can certainly go a long way in customizing it for your needs (surf racks, wetsuit box, etc.). The trailer should cost you less than $50 after it’s all done.

Bike trailer

There is a lot of great information on the site too. Aside from plans on making your own trailer, there is practical information about hot to load and pull the trailer in a safe and efficient manner. Plus, there is information about bike advocacy and car independence.

Anything we can do to diminish our environmental impact while pursuing our passion for surfing adds up to make a difference. Whether it’s getting your next board glassed with triple 6 ounce glass, or riding your bike to the beach, there are lots of little things we can all do. So get out there and live pure, under your own volition!

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  1. I whole hearted agree that any thing that can be done to reduce the impact that our usual modes of transportation is a plus. Your trailer design is an awesome idea.

    Biking is big in our area when the season is favorable, unfortunately we have very long winters.

    Thanks for the post. I have bookmarked it for friends.

  2. Since when have winters stopped us from biking?

    Although I suppose pulling a trailer on an icy road is a bit dangerous.