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pull up your boot straps… or go surf

It’s been a while since I’ve felt inspired to write anything for Phoresia. The interviews we’ve had lately have been great and well I’ve just been spending a lot of time surfing and doing other family things. And sometimes I wonder if I’m still into this little project and I even feel a little guilty […]

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Grey Ghost: the Joe Falcone emerging shaper interview

Last fall Lawless and I met in NYC to attend the New York Surf Film Festival. One of the rad people we got to meet was Clams. Earlier in the morning we’d borrowed some boards from Mollusk kingpin Chris (thanks again Mick for the hook). When we came back to return the Christenson Bonzer  and […]

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Defining Sustainability…?

Over the past two and half years we’ve been searching for an answer to this elusive question – what is sustainability and how does it relate to surfing? When we began there was very little talk about sustainability in the surf industry whether in terms of the environment or social responsibility. For clarity’s sake let […]

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NYSFF: a look back

We’ve been meaning to report on the New York Surf Film Festival for a while now. One thing led to another and well you get the idea… but, the festival was most certainly a huge success. Perhaps it’s best I do a quick blow by blow. I arrived in New York on a Thursday morning […]

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Dan Malloy Interview

We are stoked to bring you an interview with Dan Malloy this week. Dan is the first pro surfer we’ve interviewed. In the past two years we’ve focused heavily on surfboard construction so most of our interviews have been with shapers. However, as the “green” movement in surfing continues to grow, and perhaps dilute itself, […]

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Patagonia Surf: Jason McCaffrey interview

Patagonia is perhaps not best known for it’s surfing products. Most would think of fleeces and climbing gear when they hear the name. But in truth, Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard has been surfing since his youth and surfing has always played a big role in the companies direction. Most of what Patagonia produces in its […]

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What is Surfing #3: Surfing as fun

On Labour Day I paddled out at one of our more crowded right handers to enjoy some small waves on the log. The weather over the past few days has reminded me of Florida with big black clouds, freakish thunder and lightning that made the dog tremble for hours, and hellish downpours. Luckily the wind […]

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Foulweather: Pete Lewis Interview

We’ve talked about the “surf collective” quite often in the last year. I sometimes wonder if there is any such thing. Surfing is mostly presented to us through the paid for media vehicles that we see in print, video, and on the web. But how representative is the sales driven mainstream media of the way […]

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