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Biofoam rocketfish update: Good news & bad news…

Which do you wanna hear first? Well, the good news is after getting some really fun sessions on the 6’0″ Biofoam rocketfish I can say that I am impressed with the durability of the board so far. Bad News 2 - wrecked backI surfed four sessions in dumping shorepound barrels and was sure that I’d snapped it on more than one occasion after pulling into closeouts, but not even a crack. It rides well, no complaints there other than the weight. I’m used to riding the same board in eps/epoxy and it’s super light. A couple guys around here have been riding them glassed lighter than my 6x6x6 and reporting the same durability on the deck so I could probably have gotten away with a lighter glassjob. I figured I’d rather err on the side of strength on the first board. All in all I don’t have any complaints as far as build quality other than simple aesthetics issues with some discoloration and the laps. I think that the biggest hurdle for Biofoam gaining mass appeal and getting into shops is simply aesthetic issues which will surely be worked out in time.

And now for the bad news. Bad News 1 - Creased nose On the 5th session on the board I managed to crease the nose by smashing it into a rock bottom. I wouldn’t credit this to a weakness of the foam or glassjob, but more to an unfortunately timed re-entry on a closeout in knee-deep water. The irony is that in Florida there are only two miles of beach with rocky bottoms (a slight exaggeration) and the fact that I was surfing at one of these beaches when I decided to smash my board into the bottom nose first is somewhat of an anomaly. After the lip smack to bottom-spear, I was nastily dragged across those same rocks and left with a nice straberry on my lower back (see pic above). Good times indeed.

OK, back to more good news. The tide was dropping and I was only a few streets away from home so I managed to go home and grab my other rocketfish and get back out for some more fun waves before the wind got on it. The Biofoam board has been repaired and it’s back in the quiver ready for more abuse. I’ll keep you updated…

I took Ricardo his 6’6″ Biofoam board a couple weekends ago and also scored some really fun surf up in Nova Scotia. He has been getting into some good surf up there in the past few weeks so he should have a solid review on his boards’ performance and durability in the near future.

We’ve got some other boards in the works as well with sugar based Ice-Nine blanks so keep an eye out for that.

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  1. Poor board. You’re shredding super hard man!!