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Surfing: a non-depletive act

For a few years I thought feverishly about sustainable business, and in some ways sustainable livelihoods. That thought track manifested itself by way of looking into surfing – a commodity industry that is intrinsically connected to nature (and the need to sustain it), and at the same time in complete opposition to nature. Phoresia served […]

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Latest board – Bamboo/carbon Floatey Fish

So my trusty old summer board was finally starting to show the effects of 5+ years of abuse. Pretty damn good run for poly 6/6/6 glassed board, but the electrical tape ding repair on the rails was becoming a loosing battle. After a good clean up for some ding repair I realized it was time […]

By • Jan 5th, 2011 • Category: board construction,

Shit We’re Digging – The work of Jeff Martin

In surfing there are many parallels to everyday life. Sometimes we choose to associate the two and sometimes they can seem so far apart unless you look for that common link. The craftsmanship of Jeff Martin turned up to us a few years ago and then again his work resurfaced when he was working on […]

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WAVES for Development

There’s a good article on SurferMag online featuring WAVES for Development and a short discussion with founder Dave Aabo. We did an interview with Dave and very much believe in what he’s doing down in Peru and other places around the world. Sustainable Business practices are something we’ve really wanted to dive into in more […]

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Direction – a dialogue

And so it was that we decided to post our mid-work Gmail chat. Over the years we’ve had great support from you, our readers, and for that we are grateful. As we’ve said in the past this project has been strictly influenced by our own passions as we do not make any commercial gain, nor […]

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Absurdities and BS!

Watching Volcom’s BS! film I am moved in a way that I haven’t experienced from any other hi-performance surf film for a long long time. Perhaps it’s the way that Dusty Payne and Mitch Coleborn appear as if they were skating a concrete pool as opposed to surfing steep hollow waves. The way that they […]

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Sometimes life gets in the way of blog posts…

Things have been a bit slow around here lately on Phoresia but not without good reason. Ricardo recently welcomed his first son into this world so his priorities are changing as all parents tend to. On top of that we’ve both actually been surfing quite a bit the past few months and recently got to […]

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Hanging 5 with Chris Cutri

Since moving to North America at the age of 12, I’ve been obsessed by everything about board culture. At first it was skateboarding and then at 17 I began surfing. Like most other youth I absorbed board culture through print media. Surf and skateboard magazines have a huge impact on youth culture and I’m sure […]

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