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Shit We’re Digging – The work of Jeff Martin

In surfing there are many parallels to everyday life. Sometimes we choose to associate the two and sometimes they can seem so far apart unless you look for that common link.

The craftsmanship of Jeff Martin turned up to us a few years ago and then again his work resurfaced when he was working on a very special board with the boys up at Grain. I’ve always kept an eye on his blog and there have been some amazing pieces of craftmanship showing up there. It’s not really surfing related but so little in life is.  If you look for inspiration only in the obvious places you will miss so much of what is good out there.  His approach and conscious awareness of his materials can easily be translated to wave riding vehicles. Be conscious of your material choices and their impact and be honest with their use.

For a better look into what makes Jeff tick, check out this interview with him over at Revolver –

Jeff Martin Joinery

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