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Greenlight Surf Supply

And here we thought we were really limiting ourselves with Phoresia by creating a blog catering to the admittedly niche target of surfers who are environmentally minded and looking for more info or options on sustainable surfing. But to create a for profit business aiming for that same small niche of surfers, well you gotta give it to Greenlight for stepping up.

Greenlight Surf Supply Leash PlugOffering bamboo stringer EPS foam, bamboo cloth, and my personal favorite, the organic plastic leash plug made from corn starch, Greenlight definitely has some unique environmentally friendly products.

It would be nice to see some empirical data on the bamboo cloth as their claim “Bamboo fabric is strong and exhibits good tensile strength” is pretty vague and leaves a lot to be desired. Good compared to E glass, good compared to carbon? Some tensile and compression strength numbers would be nice to see, I’m sure they will work out all the nuances, after all, the surfboard industry is very unforgiving of new products and techniques in their production environments.

(update: The bamboo cloth is 6 oz. weight)

It’s good to see another company steeping up and offering more environmentally friendly alternatives. Hopefully they will find their niche; we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the response we’ve gotten with ours.

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