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New look for Phoresia

We’ve been working on a new layout for Phoresia for some time now and are still working out some little kinks but thought we’d go ahead and get it out there. New posts will always be in this top area and to view the full post either click the title up above or click “More” below the text snippet.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Mick Sowry for providing the new image for our banner up top. It’s a really cool shot and means a bit more to have an image from a fellow blogger and contributor to Phoresia as our masthead. So thanks Mick!

Some other highlights on the new layout… we’ve got multiple categories on the home page now and can switch them out as we please, so the home page content will change periodically. We have used a “blog” format for the past 2 years only because it was quick and easy, but we felt our content wasn’t necessarily dated sequentially, and there are a lot of older posts that are as relevant today as they were 1 or 2 years ago. The new layout allows us to pull some of that out of the archives and display it on the homepage. Also, when you click on an article now you will see relevant content from that posts’ categories over on the right sidebar. We’ve still got some repetitious entries in there, but that will be fixed soon.

The top right side on the home page will always list the most recent posts so you can browse through the last 5 or so most recent posts there. Our links are still over on the right sidebar but are hidden unless you want to see them. We wanted to include them on the homepage but they take up a shit load of space so this was a nice solution to keep them but also not blow out the layout. Click on the link category to open that set of links, ie: “Media, Surfboards, Surfing Essence, etc.”

Hopefully, it’s pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, we tried to make it as clean and simple as possible, as always for us “content is king”.  Drop us a comment and let us know what you think…

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  1. When I first surfed to this page (pun intended), I thought I had typed in the wrong URL. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the new look which I like. Especially the collapse-able side navigation bar, although it might be useful to provide an indicator that the titles can be expanded (such as a down-arrow vs. up arrow type of thing). In any case, good job on the fancy new layout.

  2. Awesome. Looking forward to the further evolution of Phoresia.

  3. Looks much better. Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh, very nice touch up.

    That said, the banner photo … I went there numerous times a decade ago. All to my little lonesome. Just thought I’d let you know, hehe ;)

  5. Thanks Clif, go ahead and rub it in… :D

    Looks like a fun wave though, must have been nice by yourself.