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Reader Review – Splaff Flopps

Imagine a world where companies scrap most of their marketing budgets for research and development. They focus their energies on ensuring their customers that the product or service is socially and environmentally responsible. Consumers in turn buy products because they come recommended by other savvy and like-minded consumers and not because of glossy ads and hyped marketing.

This phenomenon may actually be closer to home than some multi-national companies would like. The advent of the World Wide Internets has allowed consumers a voice that didn’t exist before. In addition, blogging has become a powerful force used by consumers to both hail and criticize companies or services. Some companies have found this out the hard way. One particular PC company comes to mind. When a customer got fed up with the lack of professional customer service, he went on a blogging campaign that cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars and in the end obliged them to re-vamp their customer service policies.

Splaff FlopsGrass roots product marketing is something Phoresia believes in. So it is that we bring the first of many reader reviews. A few months back we posted about a little California company called Splaff Flopps. One our readers ordered a pair after seeing our post.

Dedicated surfer and author of super stylish blog sent us the photos and review below. We hope to make first hand reviews a regular feature on Phoresia. If you know of a product or service that should be on Phoresia please write to us and tell us about it.

Splaff Flops“The Splaffs have done me good for the the last 3 months. Stoked that they have held together. Heavier than the Rainbows and they don’t seem to, so far, curl up at the edges like the others do. As you can see in the pics, there is a strap of rubber from the tubing in a car or bike. The sole is made from tire rubber so it will last forever, can’t even see wear on the bottom. And the flop itself is tightly woven hemp so it has that hempish feel that you might remember from your college hemp necklace days. Kinda rough until they get used to it and molds to the form of your foot.

Great product. Love them. Well made. Would definitely recommend the cool little company -and for obvious environmental benefits. Glad there are company’s like this out there. “

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  1. Wow! What a great blog! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this one (also a big fan of Pushing Tide’s blog).

    I love the look of this site – fantastic layout. I will most definitely NOT be using an RSS reader to view *these* updates!

    Also a big fan of the content you’re putting out here. Good message, good writing.

    Keep up the stoke!

  2. Cliff is neighbor of mine, I’m wearing a pair of his sandals right now. If you want to read more on the man behind the brand checkout Issue 60 of The Surfers Path.

  3. wow! Amazing!
    He really is a great guy!