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Splaff Flopps

Slippas …we all need ‘em. Well, except those of us living in the northern surfing regions where wearing slippers to an early morning surf excursion could result in frostbite at worst (in winter of course).

Flip-flops, slippers, thongs, whatever you want to call them, are essential. They are also a big item in the surf accessory industry. Fortunes have been built on flip-flops. Girls pose practically nude for flip-flop adds. But flip-flops have a less commercial side as well. In Hawaii it is not uncommon that someone will walk off with your ‘Locals’ when you leave them at the edge of the reef on your paddle out. It is just as acceptable for you to walk off with someone else’s. Slippers may represent simplicity of the surfing consciousness, where the ability to slip out of your shoes allows one to flow through life not unlike the way a wave is ridden.

Splaff FloppsThis week we were turned on to a really cool company out of San Diego called Splaff Flopps. They make flip-flops using recycled car tires, bike inner tubes, and hemp. But wait there is something even more incredible; they offer a six-month guarantee! When is the last time you saw this kind of confidence in a pair of slippers? They are tested by surfers and built by surfer hands right in California. They offer several models and many sizes and they can be ordered from the site. Click here to see styles.

Splaff Flopps are the kind of product that you can feel good about spending your money on. “Splaff Flopps are produced in a 100% waste free process in which all left over materials are either re-used or recycled.” The makers also state: “good products don’t have to have bad consequences on our environment.”

Support your beliefs with your wallet!

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  1. We really need more people like this in our small world. Making it a better place for all. And making their products look cool, not just environmentally friendly.

  2. I think that his products are outstanding!