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WaveTribe bags and leashes

I got into the habit some years ago of keeping my current boards in board bags. I’ve got a few boards and have racks in my garage for storage so I don’t need a bag for every board, but I typically ride the same 2 or 3 boards 90% of the time, so they usually live in day bags. The majority of my dings used to come from getting my board in and out of the car or from that damn spring-loaded door at my old office. Seems like I rarely ever ding my boards actually riding them, instead the dings come from the random door smacks and clumsy accidents. The daybag helps keep them free from harm.

I got a 6’6″ WaveTribe bag a few months ago and have put it into rotation keeping the boys safe from the random evil accidents that happen in the garage. The cool thing about these bags is that they use hemp fabric and recycled foam for the internal padding. Usually a daybag is kind of a no-brainer purchase, they are all pretty much just foam and fabric so there’s not a whole lot to comparison shop on. The fact that these use recycled content and hemp fabric makes them a much more attractive package than the alternatives. I haven’t had any problems with my old daybags, and from the looks of it, this WaveTribe bag is going to perform equally as well, but it’s nice to know that it’s made using recycled content and a bit more environmentally friendly fabric.

WaveTribe also makes leashes using recycled urethane and recycled plastic swivels. Leashes are a much more performance based product compared to a daybag. Just the fact that these are made using recycled content doesn’t make them equal to the competition, the performance needs to be up to par also, which it definitely is with their product. If your leash breaks while you’re at a heavy spot or somewhere with a rocky shoreline you’ve got a lot more to worry about than just replacing your leash. You board will likely suffer some damage and you’ve got the swim in to contend with. The WaveTribe leash cuff is super comfy and feels nice and secure with a good solid velcro connection. I haven’t used it yet in solid surf, but the construction looks pretty bombproof so I have faith it’ll hold up. I have a 7′ leash, as they didn’t have the 6’comp leash that I usually like to use. They just came out with the second generation of leashes which offers the 6′ comp as well as updated cuff branding so I’m stoked to try one of those out.

The thing that I really like about these products is the fact that there are now alternatives. All things being equal, I’d much prefer a product that uses recycled content versus one that doesn’t, as long as the performance is there, which for WaveTribe products it seems to be.

If you are in the market for a new bag or leash, definitely check out WaveTribe’s products:

Just a sidenote, WaveTribe were also one of the sponsors for Scott’s bike trip and they put their bags through the test on their 9 day bike trip.

I put the leash through it’s paces trying to contain 14 pounds of fury for a walk around the ‘hood-

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