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Latest board – Bamboo/carbon Floatey Fish

So my trusty old summer board was finally starting to show the effects of 5+ years of abuse. Pretty damn good run for poly 6/6/6 glassed board, but the electrical tape ding repair on the rails was becoming a loosing battle. After a good clean up for some ding repair I realized it was time […]


Comet Skateboards – opening retail shop

We’ve been digging what Comet Skateboards has been doing for a long time. They are WAY ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable business practices. Looks like they are opening a retail shop in Ithaca, NY. Pretty out of the way place, but thankfully they’ve got it covered with this whole new-fangled Interwebs […]

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Cast iron vs. Carbon Fiber…

It’s interesting how you approach possible solutions to problems given a bit of context and perspective. Case in point, in my search for a longer lasting better performing surfboard, I’ve turned to technology and manufacturing techniques to get me where I want to go. The antithesis to that is my strive to simplify my cooking […]


Surfing: a non-depletive act

For a few years I thought feverishly about sustainable business, and in some ways sustainable livelihoods. That thought track manifested itself by way of looking into surfing – a commodity industry that is intrinsically connected to nature (and the need to sustain it), and at the same time in complete opposition to nature. Phoresia served […]

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