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Hanging 5 with Chris Cutri

Since moving to North America at the age of 12, I’ve been obsessed by everything about board culture. At first it was skateboarding and then at 17 I began surfing. Like most other youth I absorbed board culture through print media. Surf and skateboard magazines have a huge impact on youth culture and I’m sure […]

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Sage Joske

by Mick Sowry I read recently that sending an interview subject a list of questions and expecting them to send you their answers could be construed as lazy journalism. When you live 800 miles from the interviewer, as Sage Joske does, I claim an excuse, and also claim I was going to write around it, […]

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Mikey DeTemple and Picaresque

Mikey DeTemple is one of those guys that just cruises comfortably under the radar, doing his own thing, whatever that may be at the moment and doing whatever it is quite well. These are the type of people that when they seem to branch off into random directions you are always eager to see what […]

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Grey Ghost: the Joe Falcone emerging shaper interview

Last fall Lawless and I met in NYC to attend the New York Surf Film Festival. One of the rad people we got to meet was Clams. Earlier in the morning we’d borrowed some boards from Mollusk kingpin Chris (thanks again Mick for the hook). When we came back to return the Christenson Bonzer  and […]

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Surly Bicycles: the Andy Corson Interview

I love bicycles. When I was growing up in Venezuela in the 80’s my brother and I spent a lot of time on our bikes. He and our cousin Manuel would add 5 speed cassettes with top tube t-shifters to our BMX bikes. I reckon we were sorta making our own mountain bikes before we […]

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Royal: the Rob Lion Interview

We contacted Rob Lion as part of our mission to document some of the exciting emerging shapers who are pushing themselves in terms of materials and design. Rob’s work is insane. He does everything from design, to making his own EPS blanks, to shaping and glassing and even colour work. Although he’s been shaping for […]

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Cyrus Sutton Interview

I first met Cyrus Sutton this past November when he came to Nova Scotia to screen his latest film project, Under the Sun. In his mid-twenties, Cy has amassed a large body of work already. His first film was titled Riding Waves -an introspective look at several different California surfers. From Donavon to John Peck […]

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Emerging Shapers – Josh Hall

We are pleased to bring you the first of what we hope to be a regular series here on Phoresia – the emerging shaper interviews. The shaping world was rocked by the closing of Clark Foam. Since then many things have conspired to drive the craft of hand-shaped surfboards down the way of the dinosaur. […]

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