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Surfing: a non-depletive act

For a few years I thought feverishly about sustainable business, and in some ways sustainable livelihoods. That thought track manifested itself by way of looking into surfing – a commodity industry that is intrinsically connected to nature (and the need to sustain it), and at the same time in complete opposition to nature. Phoresia served […]

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The role of craft designer…

I read an excellent paper titled ‘The Role of Craft Designer Towards Sustainable Production and Consumption’. It had one of the clearest definitions of “Sustainable Production” that I’ve come across to date – “Sustainable production and consumption is ‘the use of goods and services that respond to basic needs and bring a better quality of […]

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Sometimes life gets in the way of blog posts…

Things have been a bit slow around here lately on Phoresia but not without good reason. Ricardo recently welcomed his first son into this world so his priorities are changing as all parents tend to. On top of that we’ve both actually been surfing quite a bit the past few months and recently got to […]

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Cork Traction Pads

I just stumbled across these new Cork track pads from Wavetribe. It’s a pretty cool approach to unconventional materials in an conventional product. Some other traction companies are using recycled content in their pads, which is cool as well, to minimize the production waste from their own process, but it’s even cooler to rely on […]

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WAVES for Development Peru

On the morning September 11, 2001 I was riding in a route Taxi to Mandeville from my little roadside home in Porus, Jamaica. On the radio we heard the BBC man begin reports about the plane crashes in New York. I asked Driva to take me back home and for the next few weeks it […]

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Waves of Peculiarity: Steps Towards A More Sustainable Surf

by Pete Lewis The word sustainable gets thrown around a tremendous amount these days in the world of surfing. Whether in reference to surfboard materials or carbon neutral surf mags, sustainability is a contemporary buzz-word. However, some deep ecologists might argue that to really address sustainability we have to look beyond the reducing, reusing and […]

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Surly Bicycles: the Andy Corson Interview

I love bicycles. When I was growing up in Venezuela in the 80’s my brother and I spent a lot of time on our bikes. He and our cousin Manuel would add 5 speed cassettes with top tube t-shifters to our BMX bikes. I reckon we were sorta making our own mountain bikes before we […]

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2 board quiver?

Recently, I came across an interesting post on the Nau blog regarding the Viridian Design project by Bruce Sterling (Wired Magazine blogger and futurist). Sterling’s basic premise is that we need to understand our relationships to the objects in our lives and how that relates to sustainability. Simple concepts to live by but much harder […]

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