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Archives for the ‘daniel’ Category – Ryan Milliman Interview is an online surf shop dedicated to carrying surf and skate gear and apparel that goes a little lighter on ol’ mama earth. Phoresia contributor Daniel Bohlman caught up with Seahuggers founder Ryan Milliman to talk about the green surf movement and how one goes about hugging the sea. Daniel: Tell me a little […]

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Fluid Earth Fins: Henry Swales Interview

I was at my local surf shop recently talking about this and that, when the owner, knowing my penchant for green surf products, put a 9” longboard fin in my hand and informed me that it was a fully recyclable plant based fin manufactured right here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. With […]

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I Surf, I Vote

I have been seeing more and more I surf, I vote stickers on vehicles around Central Coast breaks these days. The sticker was produced by the Surfrider Foundation to illustrate (I assume) that surfers are active members in society, and that we represent a constituency that can and will, demand political action to address our […]

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