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Comet Skateboards

The idea of sustainable industry is by no means new but it is more prevalent in some industries than others. This site will not only strive to highlight surf related issues but also other businesses that connect or intersect with the surf world.

Check out this video about Comet skateboards. Comet really represents the idea of sustainability, combining the aspects of providing a long lasting product, using non-toxic and/or renewable resources and doing it locally as opposed to shipping it off to be done in some sweat shop, and using renewable energy to top it all off.


Treehugger TV recently did a spot on Comet Skateboards, which we mentioned a while back (edit: We combined both Comet posts into one, after the move to the new Phoresia layout, just to simplify things and put all the info on them into one spot). This video is a little more in depth and just sheds some more light on a cool company.

Link to the Treehugger TV Video on Comet Skateboards
Here’s the abstract from the Treehugger Video:

“TreeHugger TV gets on board with Comet Skateboards and learns how a sustainable skateboard company is bringing different hoods together. Comet uses sustainably harvested bamboo and non-toxic resins to make its hip pin-striped topped skateboards. The Glissade factory, where Comet makes their boards, also uses a 10KW solar panel array to fuel the process. But Comet is also a place based company and is just as dedicated to making a positive impact on its community. In addition to raising funds and for a sustainably designed skate park in downtown Oakland CA, Comet has collaborated with others to put on Hood Games. Hood Games 4 took place in Oakland, and brought together a truly remarkable gathering of the skateboarders, parents, and friends for a full day of music, art, and of course — ecofriendly skateboarding!”

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  1. I live in Catonsville,MD I am one of only a hand full of African-American skaters,and one of even fewer 13-year old envoiromentalists, and finding out about Comet boards which are combining two of my favorite things is just spectacular to me. I would like to know whaere to buy them. Could my local A way of life skateshop supply the boards or can I get them by mail. I also use a pocket pc (Hp IPAQ) which only needs to be charged 1-2 times a day.BAMBOO really sweet. what about tne pandas?

  2. Thanks for the comment Treshaun. We are doing an interview with the guys at Comet so be sure to come back to our site soon.

    You should be able to order a deck from their website. But also check in with your local shop and ask them to stock Comet Skateboards.



  3. Ok

  4. its cool that its environmentally friendly but is it as strong as a regular deck let alone a maple deck?

  5. What a fantastic concept – eco-friendly sk8boards. Skateboarding fans throughout the world should take notice. Sustainable imndustry is needed and sustainability will be the catchword of the 21st. century. Gr8 to see our sport up there with the leaders.

    We’re proud of you.