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Worth repeating

tweet-thisI just stumbled across Jamie O’Brien’s response to why he had someone else run his Twitter account-

“The fucking surf industry has strangled the surf media so tight for so long that the brains of all surf writers have turned to mush. The media and most of the surfers believe their own con.”

Read the full thing over at LikeBitchin’.

It’s worth reading and so on point for a multitude of reasons. The whole “surf” industry has become a parody of itself and it’s illusions. It’s cool to see a shift to more user-controlled media and smaller movements gaining traction. All the online content is shifting the focus away from the traditional central media points and dispersing it out to the surfers who have their own message to portray. It’s immediate, sometimes raw, entertaining, but most of all it usually lacks pretense.  Very few of the sites worth reading are making any money off of advertising so they aren’t beholden to their advertisers. It’s a rad DIY approach to self-publishing.

What the hell does any of this have to do with surfing you ask? Not much really, but that’s the rad thing about Jamie O’Brien letting a ghost writer run amok on his Twitter account. None of this shit really matters, just go surf.

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  1. Does that mean that know it is ok to disrespect and insult anyone (even whole nations and continents)? Sorry, but there’s got to be a middle ground smwhere…


  2. Fun rant against the surf media which we all enjoy, but why can’t he do his own Twitter? Why have one at all? I don’t quite get it.

  3. ah, the twitter question. bizarre to the hilt indeed

  4. the surf industry…..f-ing joke. There seems to be growing malice towards the crap we are all fed, from McCoy to this current installment. More power to them…