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Part of the Solution…

A lot of us, myself included, sit feeling helpless about what we can do to make a difference with the BP spill in the Gulf. Others are charging ahead full-steam trying to be part of the solution. I just stumbled across this article: Surfers gain EPA support for their Gulf Coast cleanup cure Joey Santley […]

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Edit: This was posted over a month ago and this shit is STILL going on! The Gulf is fucked. We as a culture have managed to put our own personal interests and desires in front of our own best interests as a species. In 2 generations we’ve managed to make our home a much more […]

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Absurdities and BS!

Watching Volcom’s BS! film I am moved in a way that I haven’t experienced from any other hi-performance surf film for a long long time. Perhaps it’s the way that Dusty Payne and Mitch Coleborn appear as if they were skating a concrete pool as opposed to surfing steep hollow waves. The way that they […]

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Hanging 5 with Chris Cutri

Since moving to North America at the age of 12, I’ve been obsessed by everything about board culture. At first it was skateboarding and then at 17 I began surfing. Like most other youth I absorbed board culture through print media. Surf and skateboard magazines have a huge impact on youth culture and I’m sure […]

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Lewis Samuels and the Importance of What Matters

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the inspiration to write here on Phoresia. The reasons are varied. I’ve been surfing a tonne and preparing for the arrival of our first child. In the meantime, D. Lawless has been steadily holding down the fort. Today however, I wanted to take a moment to ruminate  […]

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Worth repeating

I just stumbled across Jamie O’Brien’s response to why he had someone else run his Twitter account- “The fucking surf industry has strangled the surf media so tight for so long that the brains of all surf writers have turned to mush. The media and most of the surfers believe their own con.” Read the […]

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Mikey DeTemple and Picaresque

Mikey DeTemple is one of those guys that just cruises comfortably under the radar, doing his own thing, whatever that may be at the moment and doing whatever it is quite well. These are the type of people that when they seem to branch off into random directions you are always eager to see what […]

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Seaworthy: a film by Nathan Oldfield

“…because through surfing, when your heart is open and receptive to an intimacy with the sea, a wealth of gifts can be discovered” Nathan Oldfield It’s taken me a while to get around to this. Why? Maybe because it resonates so deeply within me that I do not want to quantify it. You see this […]

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