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Board Racks

Unless you live somewhere with shallow razor sharp reefs, chances are that most of the damage to your surfboards occurs during transportation and storage. But the intrepid surfer with DIY instincts can do much to remove the chance of out of the water dings by building a set of storage racks to have a secure and stable place to keep your boards out of the way in between sessions.

Racks can be built with just about any type of material and we’ve found that whatever you have already laying around you garage or basement usually works fine. Here we have some photos of different styles of board racks. There’s no better way to extend the life of your equipment than taking good care of it. So if you haven’t already, get out your saw and drill and build yourself some.

Garage Racks
Custom made to fit above a garage door in otherwise wasted space

Wall Racks
Wall mounted racks for plenty of board storage
Racks 2
More wall-mounted racks and a plywood stand-alone option

Racks 3
Freestanding floor racks built with leftover wood

The above examples are just a few variations we’ve found and used. You’re only limited by the space you have available and your imagination. Most of the above pictures are made with 3/4″ dowels and leftover wood from other home projects. The plywood rack looked like a good option for apartments or dorms where you might not be able to drill/screw into the walls and is freestanding and folds flat.

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  1. Hi,

    Nice article and pictures about the racks. I was wondering, however, if any of these rack systems will cause boards to warp over time? It seems like I’ve heard somewhere that the best way to store boards is horizontally to prevent warping.


  2. Hey Hound,
    Haven’t had any problems with any of these racks. The first pic is my rack in my garage in Florida. It gets over 100 degrees in there in the summer and no problems with warpage or delam.

    I’ve stored boards long-term both vertically and horizontally without any issues.

  3. Nice. Thanks for the response!