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The ubiquitous white T-shirt

Anything worth saying is worth repeating. At Phoresia we feel that it’s worthwhile to support sustainable ideas and concepts with your hard-earned money. And supporting companies that try to be environmentally and socially responsible while at the same time still producing a quality product is right in line with those ideals. Some things are a given in life. Take death and taxes for example. Then there are the basic needs for survival: food, shelter, clothing, maybe even a new 5’10” quad every now and again.

Organic T-shirtThe T-shirt is a staple of the surfer’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, most surf T-shirts are produced overseas in sweatshops using chemically grown cotton. Nueva Vida Sewing Cooperative in Nicaragua, is “the first worker-owned free trade zone in the World” and they produce sweatshop-free, organic T-shirts. What does this have to do with surfing? Well besides Nicaragua having some sick surf, you can buy Nueva Vida organic T-Shirts online in either long sleeve ($11) or short sleeve ($10). The best part is that the shirts are logo-less for timeless style, and they are organic so you can just throw them in the compost once the pit-stains get too unbearable, without having to worry about the chemicals leeching into your veggie garden. If you want art on your T-shirt, try your own art for some DIY surfer nostalgia.

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