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Absurdities and BS!

Watching Volcom’s BS! film I am moved in a way that I haven’t experienced from any other hi-performance surf film for a long long time. Perhaps it’s the way that Dusty Payne and Mitch Coleborn appear as if they were skating a concrete pool as opposed to surfing steep hollow waves. The way that they […]

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Hanging 5 with Chris Cutri

Since moving to North America at the age of 12, I’ve been obsessed by everything about board culture. At first it was skateboarding and then at 17 I began surfing. Like most other youth I absorbed board culture through print media. Surf and skateboard magazines have a huge impact on youth culture and I’m sure […]

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Seaworthy: a film by Nathan Oldfield

“…because through surfing, when your heart is open and receptive to an intimacy with the sea, a wealth of gifts can be discovered” Nathan Oldfield It’s taken me a while to get around to this. Why? Maybe because it resonates so deeply within me that I do not want to quantify it. You see this […]

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Cyrus Sutton Interview

I first met Cyrus Sutton this past November when he came to Nova Scotia to screen his latest film project, Under the Sun. In his mid-twenties, Cy has amassed a large body of work already. His first film was titled Riding Waves -an introspective look at several different California surfers. From Donavon to John Peck […]

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The New Yok Surf Film Festival

Surf themed film festivals are popping up all over surfdom recently – the most recent arrival being the New York Surf Film Festival. The festival will take place at the Tribeca Cinemas in Lower Manhattan from September 26-28. It would seem that the surge in film festivals is paralleled to surfing’s increased public growth. However, […]

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Foulweather: Pete Lewis Interview

We’ve talked about the “surf collective” quite often in the last year. I sometimes wonder if there is any such thing. Surfing is mostly presented to us through the paid for media vehicles that we see in print, video, and on the web. But how representative is the sales driven mainstream media of the way […]

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Kurungabaa: a journal

I opened up my email early this morning to find a message from Australia about a new publication called Kurungabaa. The email was short but direct. It’s main purpose? To introduce Kurungabaa, a “journal of literature, history and ideas for surfers.” I replied that I would take a look and went on about my morning […]

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Musica Surfica

We’ve spent quite a bit of time lately talking about the “essence of surfing.” What is the essence of surfing? Is there even such a measurable thing? The truth is that the essence of surfing is simply a concept, an ideal shared by the surfing collective but manifesting itself to each individual in myriad ways. […]

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