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Life via Skateboard

“… I’ve seen Jesse go through five boards in an afternoon, fighting off demons with his skating. Seeing someone that committed and pissed off was inspiring. Hearing people say shit like ‘I skate for fun; if it isn’t fun I won’t do it.’ has always sounded kind of simple and ridiculous to me.” -Julien Stranger […]

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Waves of Peculiarity: Steps Towards A More Sustainable Surf

by Pete Lewis The word sustainable gets thrown around a tremendous amount these days in the world of surfing. Whether in reference to surfboard materials or carbon neutral surf mags, sustainability is a contemporary buzz-word. However, some deep ecologists might argue that to really address sustainability we have to look beyond the reducing, reusing and […]

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Custom in a day

One of the unique aspects of surfing versus nearly any other sport is the fact of the availability of getting a custom made board. Other sports such as skating, snowboarding, even things like golf and baseball use off the shelf equipment for all but the very elite professionals. With surfing, it’s just a matter of […]

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The Corporate Link: The Impact of Commercial Activism

This is the last in a three piece series by contributor Scott Paynton. In this final installment Scott discusses how both business and the individual can lend a hand to lower our over all impact from consumerism. As always, we welcome your comments and ideas. In the past two articles I discussed systems theory in […]

By • Aug 25th, 2008 • Category: contributors, scott, social responsibility – Ryan Milliman Interview is an online surf shop dedicated to carrying surf and skate gear and apparel that goes a little lighter on ol’ mama earth. Phoresia contributor Daniel Bohlman caught up with Seahuggers founder Ryan Milliman to talk about the green surf movement and how one goes about hugging the sea. Daniel: Tell me a little […]

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The Cumulative Effect

Phoresia is pleased to bring to you the second in a three-piece series about surf travel by bike. Author and traveler Scott Paynton writes about his shifting perspective since the trip. It’s been over a month since Mike and I biked and surfed down the coast of California. Since then, my perspective on surfing has […]

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Self, Community, and Global Impact

Phoresia is pleased to bring to you the first in a three-piece series about surf travel by bike. Author and traveler Scott Paynton writes about how we as individuals can make change simply by considering our daily actions. It started off as a simple idea. My friend Mike and I wanted to go on a […]

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Fluid Earth Fins: Henry Swales Interview

I was at my local surf shop recently talking about this and that, when the owner, knowing my penchant for green surf products, put a 9” longboard fin in my hand and informed me that it was a fully recyclable plant based fin manufactured right here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. With […]

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