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Sage Joske

by Mick Sowry I read recently that sending an interview subject a list of questions and expecting them to send you their answers could be construed as lazy journalism. When you live 800 miles from the interviewer, as Sage Joske does, I claim an excuse, and also claim I was going to write around it, […]

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Play is Life

For a long time I’ve wondered what it is about surfing that captivates me. I’ve wondered how over the years there are few things as deeply meaningful to me as paddling out and riding waves. And like most who have wondered the same I cannot put it into words or make any sense of it. […]

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Bamboo veneer rocketfish

I recently replaced my ol’ reliable Neilson 6’0″ Rocketfish. I was stoked on the EPS/epoxy construction and how well it held up over the 4 years of abuse I put it through, but it was time to replace it while I could still get some resale value out of it and I was planning on […]

By • Aug 24th, 2009 • Category: board construction,

Lewis Samuels and the Importance of What Matters

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the inspiration to write here on Phoresia. The reasons are varied. I’ve been surfing a tonne and preparing for the arrival of our first child. In the meantime, D. Lawless has been steadily holding down the fort. Today however, I wanted to take a moment to ruminate  […]

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Cork Traction Pads

I just stumbled across these new Cork track pads from Wavetribe. It’s a pretty cool approach to unconventional materials in an conventional product. Some other traction companies are using recycled content in their pads, which is cool as well, to minimize the production waste from their own process, but it’s even cooler to rely on […]

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Worth repeating

I just stumbled across Jamie O’Brien’s response to why he had someone else run his Twitter account- “The fucking surf industry has strangled the surf media so tight for so long that the brains of all surf writers have turned to mush. The media and most of the surfers believe their own con.” Read the […]

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Buy less shit.

That’s pretty much the culmination of two years of digging, building, interviewing and scratching our heads on how to best move forward in our lives (collectively and personally) to leave less of an impact on our surroundings. When we first started Phoresia it was with an eye towards products intended to lessen their impact and […]

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Mikey DeTemple and Picaresque

Mikey DeTemple is one of those guys that just cruises comfortably under the radar, doing his own thing, whatever that may be at the moment and doing whatever it is quite well. These are the type of people that when they seem to branch off into random directions you are always eager to see what […]

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