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N’East Magazine

I got an email from D. Lawless the other day after he received a copy of Maine based N’East mag. He was stoked. “Hey, I just got a copy of N’East mag in the mail yesterday. That mag is REALLY tight. Not your typical surf porn and the overall quality is up there with Surfer’s […]

By • Feb 25th, 2007 • Category: art, environment, news & media,, skateboarding

Taking Stock

In April of 2006 D. Lawless and I came up with a concept to promote our ideas about sustainability and social responsibility within surfing. For years we’ve talked about consumerism and how it affects each one of us. Lawless, a consummate minimalist taught me the value of taking good care of my things. Together we […]

By • Feb 18th, 2007 • Category: environment,, skateboarding

Comet Skateboards

The idea of sustainable industry is by no means new but it is more prevalent in some industries than others. This site will not only strive to highlight surf related issues but also other businesses that connect or intersect with the surf world. Check out this video about Comet skateboards. Comet really represents the […]

By • Aug 8th, 2006 • Category: environment, skateboarding