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I got an email from D. Lawless the other day after he received a copy of Maine based N’East mag. He was stoked.

“Hey, I just got a copy of N’East mag in the mail yesterday. That mag is REALLY tight. Not your typical surf porn and the overall quality is up there with Surfer’s Journal. They cover a really broad spectrum of stuff, from white-water kayaking to bouldering, biking, surfing, sailing, and there was even a cool article on competition aerobatic flying, which I was really into.

It’s one of the few mags that I’ve seen that seems to really capture the whole concept of the lifestyle, where it’s not just one activity but acknowledges that people are multi-faceted and have different interests and passions. It’s only a quarterly mag, but pretty cool overall. I’m really impressed with their overall quality and vibe of the mag. The cool thing too is it’s not totally overdone with ads and it seems the ads they do have almost blend in with the imagery in the mag. It’s all really high quality photography too.”

Here’s an interesting concept, printing with vegetable based inks and environmentally friendly paper is no longer out of bounds, as Jim McGinley, Publisher of N’East mag states –

“This issue, and all to follow, being green; printed on post-consumer paper, aligned with the Forest Stewardship Council, and using veggie-based inks – is something we are very proud of. Not because it took so much extra effort or cost, it was really as simple as asking for it – food for thought for the entire magazine industry.”

The interesting part about that statement is that it didn’t take extra effort or cost, but was just a matter of inquiring about something different. Like so many things, there are more environmentally friendly alternatives out there that are easily introduced; it’s just a matter of asking for them. It all goes back to making informed decisions as consumers. How we choose to spend our money whether as magazine publishers or subscribers sends a message that, hey, there is a demand for this and the market is reflecting that.

Is that the only reason you should check out the mag? No, you should check it out because they bring a new passion to publishing, because they do not box themselves in to a certain stereotype and recognize that we are complex beings who have varied tastes for the activities of life. Definitely read the upcoming Green Issue because not only will it be packed full of content that has our precious earth in mind but they did a little blurb on Phoresia. So yeah we have an ulterior motive but more so we are just stoked that people are reading There are many like-minded people out there all trying to effect change and we think that’s good too.

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  1. Hey, We’ve known and respected what Jim and crew has been up to for a few years now. It’s a solid mag to read with sweet images to boot.
    It looks like advertisers are taking note and readers as well to help support the mag. Long live the right coast…

  2. Anyone else think that a magazine headlining as the “Green Issue” that’s still printed on paper is somehwat oxymoronic? It may not be surf porn but if I’m gonna applaud a mag, then I think I’ll go for Drift