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Balance Board: DIY for Your Mind and Feet

Balance boards are not gonna necessarily make you a better surfer. They will however provide you with loads of fun and some much needed sharpening of one’s balancing skills (good for all around daily livin’ and a strong back). Balance boards can also be quite meditative when used regularly. I like to use mine most […]

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Nathan Oldfield

A part of our mission is to explore the essence of surfing. Because we believe that the commercial excess of our modern surf culture is but a temporary distraction, a way to our wallets. For many, surfing often encompasses feelings that cannot be easily translated into words. Perhaps this is why surf photography and film […]

By • Feb 2nd, 2008 • Category: art, diy, interviews

Board Racks

Unless you live somewhere with shallow razor sharp reefs, chances are that most of the damage to your surfboards occurs during transportation and storage. But the intrepid surfer with DIY instincts can do much to remove the chance of out of the water dings by building a set of storage racks to have a secure […]

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Our Habitat

Lately I’ve been questioning whether to continue with Phoresia or not. Not because I have something better to do, or I don’t feel interested in the topics, but because sometimes I get mired in an overwhelming sense of pessimism about the state of affairs around me. We seem to be headed into a future full […]

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What is Surfing #32: It’s NOT t-shirts ( a DIY perspective)

For a long time now I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a post titled “Surfing is not a T-shirt” and I’ve wavered back and forth in the approach. Our philosophy in choosing subject matter has always been to be optimistic. Put simply, surfing is the act of riding waves. Fashion, specifically the surf […]

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Comet Skateboards: Jason Salfi Interview

Once in a while we like to switch it up a little and throw in something that’s not strictly about surfing but still relevant in the context of our overall mission. This week we bring you an interview with a true sustainable business in every sense of the word. Comet Skateboards makes skateboard decks in […]

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West of Jesus

I’ve not read many surf related books and this one came to me by way of a gift. Steven Kotler’s West of Jesus: Surfing, Science and the Origins of Belief is an interesting and well-researched read. It is not a Christian surfing book as the title may suggest. Rather it is more self-exploration, scientific research, […]

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Grain Surfboards

The state of Maine is known more for its boat building and sailing than for its wintry point breaks. From this rich boat building tradition emerges Grain Surfboards -a group of craftsmen led by helmsman Mike LaVecchia making hollow wood boards. In a short time Grain has developed a loyal customer base in both their […]

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