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Fluid Earth Fins: Henry Swales Interview

I was at my local surf shop recently talking about this and that, when the owner, knowing my penchant for green surf products, put a 9” longboard fin in my hand and informed me that it was a fully recyclable plant based fin manufactured right here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. With […]

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Last Post for 2007

It’s seems like it’s been a long year for us here at Phoresia. We’ve tried to post weekly, with the exception of interviews, which we like to let ride a little longer. Unfortunately, we’ve been kinda slack on making posts this month but we’ve been spending time with family and actually surfing instead of just […]

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Our Habitat

Lately I’ve been questioning whether to continue with Phoresia or not. Not because I have something better to do, or I don’t feel interested in the topics, but because sometimes I get mired in an overwhelming sense of pessimism about the state of affairs around me. We seem to be headed into a future full […]

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42 Surboards: Lars Bergström Interview

Wooden surfboards are an interesting animal. They were the first, and some believe they’ll be the last. They can be super fast and responsive. They can be beautiful and last a lifetime. And yet, many people still view them as throwback technology and low performance wave tools. There are however some seriously committed shapers/surfers out […]

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Comet Skateboards: Jason Salfi Interview

Once in a while we like to switch it up a little and throw in something that’s not strictly about surfing but still relevant in the context of our overall mission. This week we bring you an interview with a true sustainable business in every sense of the word. Comet Skateboards makes skateboard decks in […]

By • Aug 19th, 2007 • Category: board construction, diy, environment, interviews,, skateboarding

West of Jesus

I’ve not read many surf related books and this one came to me by way of a gift. Steven Kotler’s West of Jesus: Surfing, Science and the Origins of Belief is an interesting and well-researched read. It is not a Christian surfing book as the title may suggest. Rather it is more self-exploration, scientific research, […]

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Riding the Wave – Chris Cutri Interview

Business is Business is the title of a French film whose main character is “a figure who makes money from everything and spreads his tentacles out over the world” (Wikipedia). Perhaps this is not a bad analogy for the way some surfing companies are run. One way to understand the current state of the surfing […]

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Hess Surfboards

Danny Hess surfs Ocean Beach, San Francisco. A beach break with a reputation for holding a swell up to whatever size you can personally manage and making even the strongest surfers sulk all the way home. It’s a fast hollow wave. On big days most people are lucky to even make it outside. There are […]

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