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Grain Surfboards

The state of Maine is known more for its boat building and sailing than for its wintry point breaks. From this rich boat building tradition emerges Grain Surfboards -a group of craftsmen led by helmsman Mike LaVecchia making hollow wood boards. In a short time Grain has developed a loyal customer base in both their […]

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Ned MacMahon is one of the men behind the Eden Project’s award winning “eco board.” He is the General Manager for Homeblown US, a company manufacturing polyester blanks using the less environmentally damaging MDI (Diphenylmethane di-isocyanate) foam. In their environmental statement, Homeblown states that they use a “chemistry that mimics the best characteristics of our […]

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Drift Magazine

Whether intentionally or not, Drift may revolutionize the traditional surf rag industry. Their message: “We feel it is important to create a positive future for surfing, and help to sustain the environment through a paperless magazine.” Drift Magazine is a free digital surfing publication that shares its profits with organizations like Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) […]

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Tom Wegener Interview

If you have seen Tom Wegener in Siestas & Olas you’ll know that he surfs some heavy waves on huge boards. Tom is a respected surfer and has inspired the likes of Joel Tudor and countless others with his classic style. But Tom is also a master shaper and designer. His design philosophy and choice […]

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Paul Jensen Interview

As part of our mission to explore the meaning of sustainability in the surfing industry, we will be conducting some short interviews with some of the people doing the most innovative construction using sustainable or environmentally friendly alternatives. Our first interview is with Paul Jensen. Many of you may know Paul from Swaylock’s Surfboard Design […]

By • Oct 7th, 2006 • Category: board construction, diy, environment, interviews – Our Mission is morphing into a complete resource for surfers. We will have interviews, reviews, DIY articles, sustainable business information, and more. The blog will also remain as a place to sound off ideas and get feedback from our readers. Please keep checking in with us and thanks for your support thus far. Our Metaphor Phoresia […]

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