– stripping surfing back down to its most elemental form – Our Mission is morphing into a complete resource for surfers. We will have interviews, reviews, DIY articles, sustainable business information, and more. The blog will also remain as a place to sound off ideas and get feedback from our readers. Please keep checking in with us and thanks for your support thus far.

Our Metaphor

Phoresia.orgPhoresia is the Latin form for the modern term phoresy. Phoresy is a symbiotic relationship, in which one organism transports another organism of a different species. Sharks and remoras relationship is an example of Phoresia. Furthermore, sharks and remoras relationship is one where the remora benefits and the shark is not affected.

At, our intention is to strip surfing back down to its most elemental form; to highlight the symbiotic relationship that humans share with waves and to do so in a way that encourages the protection of our precious natural environment.

Our Vision

We want to revolutionize the buying power of surfers worldwide in order to preserve the organic integrity of our pursuit and secure a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To provide a consumer resource about environmentally and socially responsible surf related products and lifestyle choices.

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