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Kurungabaa: a journal

I opened up my email early this morning to find a message from Australia about a new publication called Kurungabaa. The email was short but direct. It’s main purpose? To introduce Kurungabaa, a “journal of literature, history and ideas for surfers.” I replied that I would take a look and went on about my morning rituals.

australian pelicansThroughout the course of the day I read several of the sample entries, stealing time at work in between email and paper shuffling. At the moment I am moved infinitely by some of the thoughts I came across. I feel like anything I may say about the publication will be too little, as my own abilities to pound on these keys and get a clear point across in a way that contains both style and integrity is still eons away, if it ever reaches me at all. But what passes across my vision on the online version of the freshman text is anything but amateur.

The journal’s editorial mandate is to provide a platform for commercial free content, produced by established as well as rising surfer authors, poets, artists and of course photographers. The first issue has a fiery introduction written by Tim Baker in which he challenges surf magazine editors worldwide to have some integrity in a time when editorial content is strictly driven by advertising dollars. But it’s not all serious business here. There is humour by the bundle. Being new to Aussie surf writing, I was surprised and fully inspired by the looseness and freedom with which writer DC Green expresses himself. And there’s still a tone I’ve yet to read! Please be sure to visit the site for more information. And if you are a writer check out the contributor section.

We can be certain that the surfing collective is not sitting on its laurels these days. As surfers we can purchase locally made boards made from more earth friendly materials, we can get non-petrol based surf wax, and even high quality, commercial free surf writing. It’s a good time to live simple and pursue a life of surf, even if we are in the midst of rampant consumerism. Give Kurungabaa a read, get stoked, go surf.

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