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Surfilm Festibal

Sometimes it’s difficult to think that surfing exists outside of the big glossy magazines and air extreme surf videos. But surfing is like Jazz in the sense that there are endless styles, genres, categories and subcategories. And one of the sides of surfing we don’t often see is the non-commercial promotion of the sport. Enter Surfilm Festibal, Spain’s premier surfing film festival now it’s fifth incarnation.

Surfilm FestibalFrom June 7th to the 10th Surfilm Festibal will host a variety of events to celebrate surfing culture. There will be film screenings and art shows with the likes of Andrew Kidman and Andy Davis. The environmental theme for this year’s festival is “sustainability and the surf industry” and will feature a documentary by the American filmmaker Chris Cutri. Cutri’s new documentary “Riding the Wave” explores the relationship between the commercialization of surf culture and the soul of the sport, featuring interviews with the likes of Steve Pezman, Dave Parmenter, Bob McNight and Bob Hurley.

A statement from the festivals organizers: “…fun, artistic quality, environmental compromise, raising questions about the development in surfing, trying to find answers to some of our problems… We would like to become the place where we can gauge where surf culture is at in our country, showing a selection of the best films every year, putting together surf culture exhibitions, giving support to interesting and less commercial surf culture related projects, raising environmental issues which affect us. We want to reach a vast array of surfers from all over our country and why not worldwide as we grow slowly.”

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  1. Thank you !
    I didn´t know nothing about this surfilm festival!
    This year its impossible to go but next year, i will!

    Stay Cool!