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Under the Sun

It’s not often that a surf film documents rather than simply portray the surfing lifestyle. Under the Sun is such an example. Filmed, edited, and written by filmmaker Cyrus Sutton, Under the Sun takes an in depth look at two Australian cities that have shaped our current, and sometimes clashing, duality of surfing cultures. There’s […]

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Nathan Oldfield – photos

Nathan Oldfield sent us an assortment of photos to use with the his interview. A lot of them didn’t get used in the interview because we ran out of space. Here are some really amazing shots that we felt deserved their own post.  Thanks Nathan. Enjoy. All photos by Nathan Oldfield.

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Nathan Oldfield

A part of our mission is to explore the essence of surfing. Because we believe that the commercial excess of our modern surf culture is but a temporary distraction, a way to our wallets. For many, surfing often encompasses feelings that cannot be easily translated into words. Perhaps this is why surf photography and film […]

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What is Surfing #32: It’s NOT t-shirts ( a DIY perspective)

For a long time now I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a post titled “Surfing is not a T-shirt” and I’ve wavered back and forth in the approach. Our philosophy in choosing subject matter has always been to be optimistic. Put simply, surfing is the act of riding waves. Fashion, specifically the surf […]

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West of Jesus

I’ve not read many surf related books and this one came to me by way of a gift. Steven Kotler’s West of Jesus: Surfing, Science and the Origins of Belief is an interesting and well-researched read. It is not a Christian surfing book as the title may suggest. Rather it is more self-exploration, scientific research, […]

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Surfilm Festibal

Sometimes it’s difficult to think that surfing exists outside of the big glossy magazines and air extreme surf videos. But surfing is like Jazz in the sense that there are endless styles, genres, categories and subcategories. And one of the sides of surfing we don’t often see is the non-commercial promotion of the sport. Enter […]

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Hess Surfboards

Danny Hess surfs Ocean Beach, San Francisco. A beach break with a reputation for holding a swell up to whatever size you can personally manage and making even the strongest surfers sulk all the way home. It’s a fast hollow wave. On big days most people are lucky to even make it outside. There are […]

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N’East Magazine

I got an email from D. Lawless the other day after he received a copy of Maine based N’East mag. He was stoked. “Hey, I just got a copy of N’East mag in the mail yesterday. That mag is REALLY tight. Not your typical surf porn and the overall quality is up there with Surfer’s […]

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