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The ubiquitous white T-shirt

Anything worth saying is worth repeating. At Phoresia we feel that it’s worthwhile to support sustainable ideas and concepts with your hard-earned money. And supporting companies that try to be environmentally and socially responsible while at the same time still producing a quality product is right in line with those ideals. Some things are a […]

By • Nov 12th, 2006 • Category: art, diy, environment

Don’t Tell Me What to Buy

It goes without saying that the idea behind did not materialize out of thin air. There is a small movement brewing, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, towards more sustainable forms of living as a whole. There are grocers specializing in local products, with strong and growing public support by the way. In cities like […]

By • Sep 15th, 2006 • Category: art, board construction, environment, news & media,

Invasive Species

Many people out there are seriously trying to make surfing a bit less invasive. I use the term invasive in the way used to describe animal or plant species introduced to non-native environments. A quick search of the term in Wikipedia offers the following explanation: Invasive species can alter ecological relationships among native species and […]

By • Sep 7th, 2006 • Category: art, board construction, diy, environment – Our Mission is morphing into a complete resource for surfers. We will have interviews, reviews, DIY articles, sustainable business information, and more. The blog will also remain as a place to sound off ideas and get feedback from our readers. Please keep checking in with us and thanks for your support thus far. Our Metaphor Phoresia […]

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