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Cost Per Use

My mom taught me a very important lesson back when I was in middle school. It wasn’t one of those life altering experiences or epiphanies that change your world-view, but more of a slow creeping note that kept resonating throughout my life as I grew older and began to evaluate my purchases more. The lesson […]

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Musica Surfica

We’ve spent quite a bit of time lately talking about the “essence of surfing.” What is the essence of surfing? Is there even such a measurable thing? The truth is that the essence of surfing is simply a concept, an ideal shared by the surfing collective but manifesting itself to each individual in myriad ways. […]

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Nathan Oldfield – photos

Nathan Oldfield sent us an assortment of photos to use with the his interview. A lot of them didn’t get used in the interview because we ran out of space. Here are some really amazing shots that we felt deserved their own post.  Thanks Nathan. Enjoy. All photos by Nathan Oldfield.

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Balance Board: DIY for Your Mind and Feet

Balance boards are not gonna necessarily make you a better surfer. They will however provide you with loads of fun and some much needed sharpening of one’s balancing skills (good for all around daily livin’ and a strong back). Balance boards can also be quite meditative when used regularly. I like to use mine most […]

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Ice Nine blanks

The more we explore the essence of surfing and try and simplify it down to the bare necessities, the more we realize that the list is amazingly short. A board, some baggies or wetsuit (depending on where you live), and some wax and you’re set. Luckily all three of these areas are seeing growing options […]

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Fluid Earth Fins: Henry Swales Interview

I was at my local surf shop recently talking about this and that, when the owner, knowing my penchant for green surf products, put a 9” longboard fin in my hand and informed me that it was a fully recyclable plant based fin manufactured right here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. With […]

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HP Paulownia Surfboard: a green approach with Paul Joske

With the slow but steady expansion of surfer/shapers looking for greener methods of surfcraft construction, as an Australian I felt a bit left out as there didn’t seem to me a hell of a lot going on. In my mind (I was wrong) there was Tom Wegener, Chris Garrett, and a couple of others really […]

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Biofoam rocketfish update: Good news & bad news…

Which do you wanna hear first? Well, the good news is after getting some really fun sessions on the 6’0″ Biofoam rocketfish I can say that I am impressed with the durability of the board so far. I surfed four sessions in dumping shorepound barrels and was sure that I’d snapped it on more than […]

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