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Comet Skateboards: Jason Salfi Interview

Once in a while we like to switch it up a little and throw in something that’s not strictly about surfing but still relevant in the context of our overall mission. This week we bring you an interview with a true sustainable business in every sense of the word. Comet Skateboards makes skateboard decks in […]

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West of Jesus

I’ve not read many surf related books and this one came to me by way of a gift. Steven Kotler’s West of Jesus: Surfing, Science and the Origins of Belief is an interesting and well-researched read. It is not a Christian surfing book as the title may suggest. Rather it is more self-exploration, scientific research, […]

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Biofoam project: the rocketfish

In our last post we introduced our Biofoam project, ordering two boards from a local shaper out of components readily available through the companies that make these products. I just picked up the first board from the glass shop this past week and I’m stoked to share the specifics as well as some photos of […]

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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is:
a Biofoam Project

Certainly some of our more cynical readers (including ourselves) have wondered where we come off with all this green business. And to be honest, Phoresia has been a real learning experience thus far. But in order to put some of our ideas into practice we have come up with a self-serving scheme to build two […]

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Surfilm Festibal

Sometimes it’s difficult to think that surfing exists outside of the big glossy magazines and air extreme surf videos. But surfing is like Jazz in the sense that there are endless styles, genres, categories and subcategories. And one of the sides of surfing we don’t often see is the non-commercial promotion of the sport. Enter […]

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Sustainable business is a growing trend, and although the definition is quite broad, most models have multiple bottom lines including profit, people and environment. If you went to business school in the last twenty years it’s likely that business ethics classes revolved around a corporations’ responsibility to its shareholders. Luckily, the ideas of sustainable business […]

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Why go to your local shaper: #17

I am generally not a gear head. But I am passionate about the hobbies that dominate much of my time; cycling and surfing. I remember my first wheeled toy clearly. I was probably about 4 or 5 years old and I got a red and white tricycle for Christmas. Later my brother and I would […]

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The Supreme Court and You

At some point the time is going to come when surfboards as we know them today will no longer be made, either because it is not profitable or it becomes outright illegal. We saw some foreshadowing when Grubby Clark decided to close the doors of one of the largest and most successful blank manufacturing companies […]

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